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SVS Systems is the leading provider of simultaneous interpretation services and technical solutions for conferences, seminars, trainings, roundtables and other events that require reliable conference systems for simultaneous interpretation, audio systems for voice amplification and translation services


Wireless infrared multichannel systems of simultaneous interpretation and audio amplification of speech (Philips, Bosch, Behringer, Sennheiser, Shure, Sony, Samsung, Canon), Presentation equipment, Laptops, printers, Mobile presenter, flipcharts, Rostrums



Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation


Editing and proofreading



SVS SYSTEMS is again number 1 on the basis of 2016 results.

In 2016, SVS SYSTEMS retained and strengthened its position as an undisputed leader in the technical support market for conferences in Central Asia, servicing a total of more than 600 events



Top professional freelance interpreters and translators in Central Asia


Impeccable track record 0% reclamations in 13 years of operation

Quality control and continuous improvement system

Our company grows dynamically and strives to become the best in its industry




linguistic solutions
for corporate customers

For regular customers discounts apply




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