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Hello! My name is Evgeny Sinelschikov, i am a professional interpreter and translator, a graduate of the Moscow State University.

Back in 2003 i became the founder of SVS SYSTEMS  LLC. - a company in which i invested  my experience of interpretation and translation for governments, international organizations and corporate customers in over 20 countries all over the world. Since then we grew into the largest provider of linquistic and technical services in Kyrgyzstan and one of the largest players on this market in Central Asia.

Every year we provide impeccable technical solutions for approximately 250 multilingual conferences and several hundred bilateral meetings and negotiations and translate more than 10,000 pages of various texts We take pride in enjoying the trust of both major multilateral institutions & multinational corporations and translation agencies, for whom we have become a trusted and reliable partner.

Our biggest accomplishment however is the team spirit and professional  solidarity that we all share.

We are top-notch interpreters and translators, graduates of renowned universities in Russia,  Ukraine and other countries with at least 15 years of working experience each. For us translation and interpretatino is not a hobby, not a part-time job but a full-time devotion. We do not work with amateurs, each one of us has hundreds of successful events and years of  skills polishing to offer.

Our engineers are professional sound engineering and ICT enthusiasts that never stop learning iand xcelling in both technology and customer service.

We are never complacent. We grow and develop along with the demands of our customers in relation to quality, speed and the assortment of linguistic services. We continuously can the environment for new technological advances and work hard to maintain our status of the leading innovative company in Kyrgyzstan - ranked FIRST in our market segments for 5 consecutive years.


Evgeny Sinelschikov, Director.
           Tel. (UAE) + 971 50 356 74 25

Elizabeth Ionova - Deputy Director
             + 996 557 58 91 06
             + 996 775 58 91 06

Office: + 996 555 17 33 35
            + 996 312 32 21 08



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